Free Live Event- The 5 Steps Churches and Ministries Must Take Under the New Same-Sex Marriage Laws

With Wilkerson Legal's Founding Attorney, Austin Wilkerson

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Webinar Host Austin Wilkerson

Austin has been representing churches, ministries, and nonprofits as their valued legal counsel for almost a decade and grew up in a family full of pastors, evangelists, and ministers. Over the last several years as the laws concerning same-sex marriage have changed, he has drafted marriage policies and statements for churches, ministries, and entire associations.

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  • What did the Supreme Court say about Same-sex marriage?
  • What does this mean for our church or our ministry?
  • Do we have to perform same-sex marriages?
  • What about employees and volunteers?

Since the Supreme Court's landmark decision regarding same-sex marriage, churches, religious organizations, and ministries that believe in traditional, biblical marriage have been asking these questions.

In this FREE webinar, Austin is going to share with you the policies and governing documents that need to be updated, revised, or created to best protect your church or your ministry in this continually changing legal landscape.

You can't afford to miss out on this vital legal update.

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